Lil Jon

Lil Jon vs T-Pain turned out to be one of the best Instagram Live beat battles yet. The multi-platinum Hip-Hop stars went song for song for 14 tracks and it turned out close, though we'll give the edge to Lil Jon.

Believe it or not, it’s already Super Bowl week. While the rest of the country is busy planning out Super Bowl parties, prop bets and more, advertisers are getting ahead of the Big Game by sharing some of their Super Bowl ads online. One of the more highly anticipated commercials was Cardi B‘s debut Pepsi […]

Betty White 95 James Earl Jones 86 Maury Povich 78 Steve Harvey 60 Jim Carrey 55 First Lady Michelle Obama 53 Lil Jon 46 Kid Rock 46 Ray J 36 Dwyane Wade 35 Calvin Harris (DJ) 33 We remember… Muhammad Ali

Jimmy Kimmel tapped Ice Cube and friends to rework some of their smashes #ForTheCulture – and for the kids.