Louisiana Teacher Arrested For Feeding Students Sperm-Filled Cupcakes Now we’ve heard some stories about teachers doing some crazy things to students and here is another one. One you are not going to believe.  So there is a teacher from Louisiana who admitted to and pleaded guilty to lacing cupcakes with her ex-husband’s sperm and feeding […]

One ninth-grade student was expelled and three more were suspended from Park Hill South High School in Riverside, Missouri, after the expelled student started a Change.org petition titled “Start slavery again” and the others made racist comments. They sued for reinstatement but a federal judge ruled against them.

A Missouri homecoming sign bearing racist, anti-Black language and shown off by two white teens is being blamed in part on an "African American boy" by the mother of a Olathe South High School student who appeared in the viral photo.

The death of a Black Missouri teenager back in April appears to be racially motivated, especially after the coroner's initial suicide ruling was dismissed by a Missouri jury that believe his gunshot wound wasn't self-inflicted and may be linked to a Confederate flag-wielding racist by the name of James Wade.

The Buzz: Mass Shootings Take Place Over Mother’s Day Weekend at least Nine Reported. Phoenix An overnight shooting at the Hyatt Regency Hotel left one man dead and at least seven others wounded, Woodlawn, Maryland Right here locally three people are dead and another was injured during a shooting at a town home Saturday morning California At […]

A Kansas City, Missouri man is being honored for defending a bus driver under attack with his cane. Rodney Goldman was riding a bus when a man walked onto the bus and started attacking the female bus driver. CBS St. Louis reports: I was just screaming and screaming,” bus driver Lynn Judge said. “I didn’t […]

The states of North Carolina and Missouri are making it harder for individuals to obtain video recorded by police body cameras and dash cams. North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory and Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon have both signed bills regulating the release of video recordings from police body and dashboard cameras. In North Carolina, the law will allow the people […]

A Facebook post shared by a St. Louis officer is being investigated by the local police department. The officer appeared to be bragging about the…

Tyrone Harris, the 18-year-old that was shot by Ferguson police after allegedly firing at officers at the one-year anniversary of the protests in the city,…

Another black mother calls the police to help diffuse a situation with her child, another black person shot dead by them. On Friday night, two St.…