THE BUZZ! A MAN IN MICHIGAN SHOOTS SIX YEAR OLD NEIGHBOR So the report says was a six year old boy who was going to get his bike that was in his neighbors yard while trying to do so that six year old kid Colby Daniel was shot in the arm. The shot allegedly came […]

The Buzz: Millions of tainted doses of the J&J COVID vaccine were reportedly involved in a mix-up at the Emergent BioSolutions facility in Baltimore. The Food and Drug Administration has halted distribution of the J&J vaccines out of Baltimore pending an investigation, according to the newspaper, its said that None of the doses ever left the plant, and […]

Drake's songs have proved to be a serious example of art imitating life.

A 91-year-old Portuguese woman has suffocated to death while participating in a sex game with her 41-year-old neighbor.