Karma has a beautiful way of always checking you, case in point meet Tavis Smiley, who now has to pay back his former employer, the Public Broadcasting Service, a smooth $2.6 million a judge ordered.

Tavis Smiley has been dogged by accusations of sexual misconduct, leading to his ouster from his talk show post at the PBS network. Although Smiley has vehemently denied all claims, an investigation was recently concluded by an external source that revealed a number of unheard details in the case. Via the unsealed PBS report, the […]


Add talk show host Tavis Smiley to the list of men accused of sexual misconduct.

The number of Blacks dismissive of Republican front-runner Donald Trump because of his xenophobic verbiage may well be inflated, author and political pundit Tavis Smiley said in a op-ed piece in USA Today on Wednesday.

  Tavis Smiley‘s talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about his new book, The Covenant with Black America: Ten Years Later, that chronicles the state…

The last time I watched Dancing With The Stars was when Dallas Cowboy Emmitt Smith was in the line up.  OK maybe once with D. L. Hughley and that was enough.  But the latest line up includes Tavis Smiley, Olympic Athlete Lolo Jones and Alfonso Ribeiro now I’m curious.  For more on this click here.

Tavis Smiley, 49, may be joining Season 19 of “Dancing With the Stars” this fall. Smiley is a Television and radio personality. He is known for “The Tavis Smiley Show” on NPR and his current talk show “Tavis Smiley” on PBS. According to the latest from fan-site PureDWTS, Smiley will reportedly be partnered with pro dancer […]

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Love him or hate him, Tavis Smiley‘s influence is undeniable and Hollywood has taken notice. On April 24, Smiley became the 2,522 star on the…

Dear Mr. Smiley, I have admired you immensely as a positive force in the Black community and a consummate professional among your peers. That subtle Gulfport, Mississippi accent blends well with your fine tuned delivery and your manicured decorum. Since President Obama convincingly earned his residency at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, there’s been a self-assigned modification […]

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The late rapper Tupac Shakur, “Revolution” actor Giancarlo Esposito and political commentator Tavis Smiley are a few of the celebrities who have been nominated to…