The Weeknd

The Weeknd's latest album, Dawn FM, was released last week. While the album received mixed reviews, it is the legendary features and narration that makes this some of Abel's best work yet. Read more inside.

Timbaland was out here in these innanet streets proclaiming The Weeknd's new album is comparable to arguably the best pop album of all time and indeed the best-selling album of any genre—Michael Jackson's Thriller.

The Weeknd has confirmed he is dropping a new album in the most The Weeknd way ever. On brand, the Canadian crooner shared a visual preview announcing the new project.

Facebook apologizes for its AI labeling Black Men As ‘Primates’ Facebook is a major social media platform with over 2.85 billion users from all over the world and recently had to issue an apology after its artificial intelligence software labeled Black men as “primates.” The New York Times reports the problem started in June 2021 when a video showing […]

After revealing last month that he spent $7 million of his own cash to fund the lavish performance, the results prove that he did indeed spend a grip while reportedly not being paid a dime from the NFL A lot of noise was made around the fact that The Weeknd spent $7M of his own money to put on a Super Bowl halftime show that was truly inline with his vision. I personally thought the show was dope, but what did you think? Here’s some reaction from the Twitter world! Here’s Why […]

The Weeknd is stirring the pot with Usher claiming that he copied his music style on his hit song "Climax".  In Variety's recent cover story, The Weeknd discussed his career's journey, turning 30, and his new album "After Hours" when he mentioned that he feels that he inspired Usher's "Climax". He says that his 2011 mixtape "House of Balloons" is the pioneer to the new age alternative R&B style.  

The Weeknd shows off his new haircut for GQ Magazine while Chance The Rapper is stylish in Moncler.