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Oprah sits down with award-winning singer and actress Jennifer Hudson in Chicago. During their intimate conversation, Jennifer and her fiancé, David Otunga, talk about their relationship, plans for more children and upcoming wedding. And, for the first time, Jennifer and her sister, Julia Hudson, talk in-depth about the tragic murders of their family members…and the man convicted of the crime.  

In a the TV interview that aired Sunday night, Hudson said of her sister Julia’s ex-husband:

“For the most part, it’s not his fault. It’s what he was taught, how he was brought up.”

The mom-of-one added: “You never had a chance.

“Had you had the love my mother gave us, or the background…that some have, then you would’ve stood a chance.”

In the same interview, Hudson’s sister says when she heard of the killings she knew immediately her estranged husband Balfour was responsible. And the grieving mother of Julian says she blamed herself for the murders.

 She said:

“Of course, how can I not go through the what ifs? Because I married him. If I hadn’t saw what I thought I saw in him.

“And once I did begin to see who he really was, I tried to get out. That was his promise: ‘If you leave me. I’ll kill you. I’ll kill your family first’.

“I left. And he did what he said he would.”

Meanwhile, Hudson talked about the impact the triple loss had on her psyche. She said: “There were so many shocks involved in it… Like, who do I grieve for first? Or, who do I start with?”

The Grammy-winner added: “

It’s bits and pieces. It’s too much. You’re confused. Your emotions are confused.”

Hudson, who turns 31 later this week, says she hasn’t been to her relatives’ resting place in four years but now she’s ready.

She said:

“I haven’t been to the gravesite since we buried them but now I want to go because I feel like OK, we’ve accomplished things.

“We’ve done this. We got justice for you. I can’t come here empty-handed. I came back with justice being served so now I feel like I deserve to be able to see them.”

Watch as Jennifer reveals why she never trusted William Balfour and how she learned to forgive him.
Balfour was sentenced to three life sentences without the possibility of parole, followed by 120 years for other felonies.

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