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A brother wanted to know if it was true that a man should look at the mom if he wants to know what a woman is going to be like down the road.

Your Advice

  • No. My mother was an abusive alcoholic…. and I am nothing like her. We are our own woman…. raised in a different time and with many different morals and values that have evolved since our mothers time.
  • Most cases yes! We try not to be out moms, but you can’t help but be what you see growing up … good and bad.
  • Not always. Some women work hard to be different from a bad mom.
  • Either be just like her or COMPLETELY opposite. Depends on their relationship
  • Not always but unfortunately in some cases YES! My mom gave birth to me but my grandmother raised me so she was my real mother and I definitely have a lot of her characteristics which is 100% better than if I grew up with my biological mom.

My Advice

You know what brother all women are not going to be just like their mom … both good and bad traits.  Some things are learned and genetic, but a lot of who we are is based on experiences and choices. It is a good hint to look at mom, but more importantly I think it is a better indicator to look at the nature of their relationship, how they relate and the level of respect present. Those things often are a better indicator of whether or not your girlfriend will be a great life partner.