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Morality Police: What would you think about your man if you found out that he secretly paternity tested the kids because he just wanted to be sure?

Fellas, is it fair for ladies to be mad when they find out?

  • I would feel violated. There’s no trust then there’s nothing.
  • If he has doubt, I prefer him to ask me before doing the test
  • Test away, baby! Do what ya gotta do!
  • If a man has to do that then most likely a woman has something to do with it. These hoes aint loyal
  • Why be mad. Its as old as time. Mamas baby daddy’s maybe. If your married it makes no difference in Maryland. If your wife gives birth, your financially responsible…end of discussion.
  • I would be furious…but there should be no doubt in the first place… but there are some thirsty chicks out there!
  • It should be mandatory. Every man and family should be 100% sure. Woman take it personal but imagine going 20 years and longer never knowing because the system failing or getting taken down child support for kids that’s not yours. What’s wrong with walking out the hospital 100% confident because of mandatory exercises.
  • I think that if you want a DNA test as a Man U should be able to get one. It’s not about trust or anything else, it’s about protecting yourself & I think any woman with a son should understand that… It’s not personal…