GET READY FOR THE NEXT SAVAGE FENTY FASHION SHOW VOLUME 3 Set to premiere on Amazon Prime on September 24. Rihanna dropped a one minute teaser for us to get a little taste of whats to come and captioned it with…start making that guest list to ya watch party baby …. sept. 24 th. The […]

The surprising news on Christmas morning of an explosion in Nashville was an absolute shock to many. Now it seems investigators have found out more about the incident and suspect that it was a suicide attempt. On Sunday, a spokesman for Nashville Police Chief John Drake said that Anthony Q. Warner, 63, is under investigation […]

Morality Police: What would you think about your man if you found out that he secretly paternity tested the kids because he just wanted to be sure? Fellas, is it fair for ladies to be mad when they find out? I would feel violated. There’s no trust then there’s nothing. If he has doubt, I […]

There is a 99.998% certainty that Mathew Knowles is indeed the father of  former lingerie model turned real estate agent, TaQoya Branscomb baby. She claimed he got her pregnant in 2010. Banscomb now want child support payments from Mathew. Beyonce fired her father Knowles as her  manager in 2011 and his income has dwinded. In 2010, Mathew acknowledged […]

In the latest Jazzy Report, Jasmine Sanders reports DNA testing will be performed on over 500 students at a French school to figure out who…

Want to find your roots? Roland Martin and the “NewsOne Now” panel discussed DNA ancestry research Monday with Gina Paige from AfricanAncestry.com. “For us as…

Via: Foxbaltimore.com A recently acquired DNA sample from a missing man’s birth mother has brought renewed effort to a search for him. Anne Arundel County police say no trace of Jimmy Cole, who was 21 when he went missing in 1994, has been found. Detective John Gajda tells The Capital of Annapolis  that the search […]