THE BUZZ! Nearly a dozen tuberculosis cases linked to Northern California casino in past 5 years; testing urged First up Casinos are a fun place to gamble but risking your money is way different than risking your health. At this Northern California casino people have risked both. The California Grand Casino in Pacheco. has been linked with […]

Beyoncé Starts A TikTok Account, Sparking Conversations Of New Music Beyonce is buzzing after she started a Tik Tok account.  The account was confirmed by Tidal who stated Beyonce has entered the chat with a screenshot of her account. Since her account began just a few days ago she is now almost at 800 thousand followers. […]

Morality Police: What would you think about your man if you found out that he secretly paternity tested the kids because he just wanted to be sure? Fellas, is it fair for ladies to be mad when they find out? I would feel violated. There’s no trust then there’s nothing. If he has doubt, I […]