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Can your lover have the passwords to your phone & social media?

  • If I was in a relationship it would be no, the individual should trust you.
  • No… because even if you said yes!! It will be a problem!!! Their mind is already made up so they looking for reassurance for their thoughts.
  • Yup. Don’t have a darn thing to hide.
  • I just don’t feel that my husband needs to have access to my social media or phone. I don’t ask for his, he don’t ask for mine. I’m actually not even friends on social media. I mean gaaallleeee. I see you everyday. Lol
  • Yup. All my stuff that’s off limits stay in my head. No locks on phone or computer.
  • My husband knows all my passwords, my decision.
  • Seek and you should find – that includes things you may not really want
  • It seems like it all depends on where the person is maturely, spiritually, and the relationship. Most definitely in a marriage for emergency reasons.