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Rihanna, watch out now. Just when you’d rightfully earned all the cool points for being the realest and funniest musician on Instagram, here comes Prince, joining the popular social media site like it was a Beyonce CD, with no announcement or promotion. He calls his account Princestagram though you can find it at the very simple @Prince. 

While Prince has long had an ambivalent relationship with the web, he’s also one of the very first artists to embrace releasing music through the internet.

But he’s also generated criticism for going after fans who shared clips of his music on YouTube and on other social media sites. Apparently, though Prince just wants to be able to control where and when his music and likeness is used and really, can you blame him for that?

If you know anything about Prince, you know he has a sense of humor along with being everyone’s favorite musical genius. And his Instagram reflects it, with plenty of memes and jokes along with some exclusive snippets of music.

Although as we finished this story he’s only posted 88 entries thus far, his followers jumped from 24,000 to 39,000 in a few hours, so you can figure it won’t take him long to reach a million or more.

Rihanna, you’ve been warned.

Here are a few gems from Prince’s Instagram account:

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