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Adrienne Bailon of The Real just married a gospel star who was part of a HUGE cheating scandal that ended his marriage of 22 years and resulted in several outside kids. All this happened only about a year ago. Some question why she would marry this man with very public issues with being faithful.

Do you think a cheater can change for a specific man / woman?

  • I think anything is possible. But her ass crazy!! I couldn’t and wouldn’t. Lls
  • If they want to change…having cheated and been cheated on…I know that when I was happy and content I didn’t cheat when I wasn’t …I did
  • I (unknowingly) was involved with a cheating, noncommittal, lying individual at one point in my life…amazingly he changed…he said he never committed to anyone more than 8 months, we made it 3 years… So people do change…and it isn’t easy..but it can happen…
  • I say this ALL the time. People don’t really change, except under EXTREME circumstance
  • People change for who they want not for who others think they should.
  • I’m not sure but she might have to learn the hard way.