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Theresa Braxton

Source: Permission by Theresa Braxton

This month, we’re honoring Baltimore History makers with much thanks and recognition. Today’s spotlight is on Theresa Braxton, local educator and author-to-be.

According to her peers, “Theresa is an up and coming author of a child’s book [titled] “Momma I Don’t Like My Hair.” She’s been teaching for over four years at Margaret Brent Elementary/Middle Schools in East Baltimore and spends her summers directing “Empowering Early Thinkers Camp.” During the week Theresa spends time with the kids after school hours as well with activities such as coaching basketball. Theresa is an outstanding person that loves her community and always seeks ways to makes her kids feel special and not become a product of their environment.”


Radio One – Baltimore thanks you, Theresa Braxton!

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