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It looks like Tamar Braxton and estranged hubby Vince Herbert are tryna to pick up the pieces of their shattered marriage.   Despite Tamar’s mom saying Vince routinely physically and verbally abused Tamar and rampant cheating rumors,  Tamar is struggling with flipping the switch on matrimony even though she insists she doesn’t want to be married.

Vince denies getting another woman pregnant.

“All the … allegations are just not true. I’m just not that kind of person. I love this lady with all my heart. I will never stop trying to fight for my family and make it be great,” he told The View.

When Tamar was asked if she believes him, she didn’t directly answer, but she explained that her “so called friends” are the ones that told her the rumor that Vince had gotten another woman pregnant. She advised people in relationships to:

“Keep people out your business ….”

She added:

” It was my fault that I put myself in a position where I opened up the floor for people to give their opinions on my marriage.”

Tamar also revealed that they are in counseling and live in separate homes.   What do you think?  Is their union irrevocably broken or do you think they’ll get back together?  Reminds me of another roller coaster couple.  Can someone say  T.I. and Tiny? The last I heard they are trying to get back together but that was this week.

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