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Mascots are known for being characters that reflect a school or organizations brand. When you see a mascot you automatically relate them with the principles of  the character. For example, mascots like Eagles, Tigers, Lions show strength and so and so on.

There are so many different types of mascots from animals to vehicles to mythical beings. But there is a High School in Texas whose mascot is the Cotton Pickers. Yes The Cotton Pickers from Robstown High School and the mascot is a cotton plant,

Social media found out about the schools mascot after KIll 3 Sports reporter Chris Thomasson, tweeted a video with the caption “The Robstown Cotton Pickers come out before their season opener against London tonight,”

He later attempted to provide some context regarding the tweet, claiming “Cotton Pickers” derives from a Latino background, many of whom for generations have picked cotton for a living. He insists it doesn’t come from the slavery stereotype,

Really doesn’t matter as the Robstown school board recently vowed to keep the mascot after consulting the community.

Source: BET

Image Source: Say Cheese TV