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Holiday Violence In US

So this 4th of July weekend had more than fireworks blasting across the country as at least 233 people were killed and 618 people were injured by gun violence in more than 500 shootings across the country during the Fourth of July weekend, but what is surprising …that’s a 26% drop from last year’s holiday weekend, according to the latest data compiled by the Gun Violence Archive. which includes the number of shooting incidents and gun violence victims nationally over a 72-hour period from Friday through Sunday, and that number  is still evolving and will be updated.

Some of the stats include mass shootings like in Norfolk Virgina, were four children were shot on Friday including a 6 year old girl, who is now in stable condition, also a 14 year old and 16 year old boy and a 16 year old girl and detectives arrested a 15 year old boy in connection with the shooting.


And it is so sad to see and hear stats like that…

Source: CNN


Maxine Waters Speaks Out On Independence Day

And speaking of fourth of July Maxine Waters let off some fireworks of her own as she took to twitter to let her feelings be known about the declaration of independence and  she said  “[T]he Declaration of Independence says all men are created equal. Equal to what? What men? Only white men?”

“Isn’t it something that they wrote this in 1776 when African Americans were enslaved? They weren’t thinking about us then, but we’re thinking about us now!”

Further, the Dec. of Ind. says we hold these truths to be “self-evident”… yet: – 17 states have enacted voter suppression laws – Supreme Court gutted Sec. 5 of the Voting Rights Act – George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice Need I say more? #July4

Can you drop the mic on twitter…nice!

Source: NY Post


Howard University makes Another Strong Addition To Its Faculty Team.

Pulitzer prize winning journalist and creator of the “1619 Project, Nicole Hannah Jones will be joining the faculty at Howard University’s Cathy Hughes School of Communications. She made the decision after turning down a tenured and faculty position with the University of North Carolina where there were some concerns of discrimination. 

Well she took her talents to HU and will take on the role as inaugural Knight Chair in Race and Journalism and will begin her faculty role this summer. She will also lead the university’s newly created Center for Journalism and Democracy, which will train the next generation of Black journalists in investigative and foundational journalism skills.

Howard University us building All-Star Faculty  Staff.

Source: Huff Post

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