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Spooning at the Olympic games Discouraged.

Now we’re getting closer to the Olympic Games but the Olympic committee doesn’t want athletes getting closer at the games. 

So according to American distance runner Paul Chelimo who tweeted… “Beds to be installed in Tokyo Olympic Village will be made of cardboard, this is aimed at avoiding intimacy among athletes Beds will be able to withstand the weight of a single person to avoid situations beyond sports”.

Those beds, 18,000 of them, were designed by a Japanese company called airweave and the frame is made of recycled cardboard and is meant to only support one person, and will allegedly cave under the weight of two people.

Evidently there’s a lot of action happening at the Olympic village. At the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, over 450,000 condoms were given out to the athletes. However this year that number is down to 160,000. Olympic Committee said in a statement. “Our intent and goal is not for athletes to use the condoms at the Olympic Village, but to help with awareness by taking them back to their own countries.” 

Source: Complex


Police Tone Different For Blacks Than Whites

So we’ve seen the vast difference in police interaction with African Americans vs other individuals and nationalities in this country. Videos and the footage from police body cams have shown the world that difference. 

Now a study looks to make those numbers facts.  The American Psychological Association looked at body camera footage from more than 100 police officers, and discovered that Black men were spoken to with less respect and an overall less friendly tone than their white counterparts.

previous research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences concluded that officers’ language was less respectful toward Black residents than their white peers.

were 57% less likely to hear the officer use words such as “sir,” “ma’am” and “thank you” and 61% more likely to hear words such as “dude” and “bro” and commands such as “hands on the wheel.”

But this new study focused not on what officers said but on how they said it.

Source: LA Times



Black girl magic happens again.  

Jayla Jackson, 16 and  Emani Stanton, 17 showed up and showed out. These two amazing young black women from Atlanta made history as the first Black female duo to win the annual summer debate competition at Harvard University and they finished with an undefeated record against over 100 other debaters from around the world. 

Their debate coach said that the program is “bigger than debate.” He states, “The achievements of this program and our scholars reveals to the world the power of educational equity.”

Excellent work ladies

Source: Black Enterprise


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