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At least 17 killed, dozens injured in massive Bronx apartment fire

In some tragic news there was a huge fire in Bronx, NY that killed 17 people eight kids and nine adults. New York’s Mayor said the five alarm fire was likely ignited by a malfunctioning space heater.  What is being called the city’s deadliest fire in the past 30 years is said to have been started on the second of the 19 story apartment building with at least 63 people injured. Officials said most of the injuries came from people suffering from smoke inhalation.

You have to be careful with those space heaters and pay attention to all fire alarms.
Blessings strength and condolences to all those affected. That’s a tough one.

R&B Legend James Mtume Passes Away at 76

Well 2022 is starting off not so nice with the lost of some iconic folks recently and another name is being added to the list as R&B legend Mtume passes away at the age of 76. Mtume whose name means messenger in Swahili is a music icon but he was also a champion for black empowerment.

He was discovered by the great Miles Davis while playing in Jazz  clubs in New York City.  He later went on to form the group Mtume which will always be remembered for the classic hit Juicy Fruit which reached number one on the R&B charts.
And here is a fun fact you might not know… Remember the hit show New York undercover, well Mtume wrote the theme song for that show.
Who knew.
Source: Ebony

Four Black Women Officers File Lawsuits Against Baltimore Police Department

Now back her in town the Baltimore Police Department is down four officers  and to be more specific four African American Women officers. That’s because these women have decided to leave the police department due to race and gender discrimination. Not only that, they are filing a lawsuit against the Baltimore Police Department too.

The attorney representing the four women in this case says that in the intersection of the #metoo movement and the call for police reform (or complete abolishment) lie the stories of women who have faced harassment for speaking up in their own defense.
One of the women involved in the lawsuit said “We all love our job as police officers, that’s why we stayed. But it’s not the people who we are protecting outside, in the city, that we’re scared of. We’re scared of the people inside. That’s the problem.”
And discrimination is truly a problem, no matter the reason.
Source: The Root
And that is what’s happening inside The Buzz

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