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Baltimore state’s attorney indicted on federal charges

One of the big news story that has folks talking today is about our very own State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby getting indicted on federal charges of perjury and filing false mortgage applications.
Prosecutors are saying she used the money she received toward down payments on vacation homes in Florida.
According to the indictment,  Mosby received $36,000 in May and $45,000 in December of 2020 from her retirement account. and fraudulently cited a federal CARES Act provision allowing for emergency distributions of up to $100,000 from her retirement plan in the event of a furlough, layoff, quarantine, reduced work hours, lack of childcare or impact on one’s own business caused by COVID-19.

The indictment also says, Mosby failed to disclose as required in both applications that she and her husband were delinquent in federal tax payments resulting in $45,000 tax lien filed against them by the Internal Revenue Service in 2020.
Mosby’s lawyer claims her innocence and released a statement  saying”I remain confident that once all the evidence is presented, that she will prevail against these bogus charges — charges that are rooted in personal, political and racial animus five months from her election,”
We’ll see how this turns out.
Source: Yahoo / CNN

KANYE WEST Under Investigation For Criminal Battery… ALLEGEDLY PUNCHED FAN

Also some big news trending today. Did kanye West punch a fan for asking for an autograph. Well that is allegedly what happened and Ye is being investigated by the LAPD for battery.
TMZ is reporting that Ye was in downtown Los Angeles around 3 am in the morning and got into some sort of argument that allegedly turned physical and its being said that Ye allegedly pushed a fan who asked for an autograph then punched the guy twice — once in the head, and once in the neck — and when the guy fell down witnesses said his head struck the ground hard.
The alleged victim refused medical treatment at the scene, but TMZ reports he’s now getting checked out at an urgent care .
There is a video clip showing Ye screaming Get Away From Me and you can also see a man lying on the ground as well.
can’t wait to hear what Ye has to say about this.
Source: TMZ

Parents outraged after school suggests shapewear to tackle body image issues in middle

school girls

Imagine you’re a parent and your child comes home with a letter from their school titled why do girls suffer from body image?
Well that is exactly what happened to students at this middle school in Mississippi. The letter got a lot of parents upset as it talked about body images issues in young women but at the end of the letter there was an offer for parents to sign up to have their daughters receive healthy literature but also to receive shapewear clothes, bras, and other products to be given out by counselors.
Well that didn’t go as according to plan…but parents talk to your kids they do deal with a lot nowadays.
Source: CNN
and that is whats happening today inside the Buzz…