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Decomposing Bodies Found in Garage at Unlicensed Funeral Home: Police Say

I know there are a lot of illegal businesses in this country but I’ve never heard of an illegal funeral home. Well Police say they found decomposing bodies were found at an unlicensed funeral home in upstate New York.
The investigation lead to several bodies and cremated ashes being found inside Barnett’s funeral home, whose license was suspended for months. Not to mention the home they were running the business out of was never licensed and wasn’t even set up properly to house remains.

In a press release from the Johnstown Police department they said police found several corpses in states of “advanced decomposition.” These bodies were also not being “stored in a temperature controlled location and were not cared for in any manner,” and were kept in close proximity to everyday household items and furniture.
More badly decayed bodies were found in the garage and determined to have been stored there for a long time.
“Dozens” of containers of cremated ashes were also found.
“Some containers listed the identification of the individual, however there were several containers that did not have a visible identification tag and which were open.
That’s why you have to do research on businesses.
Source: Newsweek



Something that happens way too often in this country is African Americans being incarcerated for crimes they did not commit. And here is another case of just that as Joyce Watkins a 74 year old woman was exonerated after spending 27 years in jail for murdering her 4 year old grand niece.
CNN reports that Watkins becomes the first Black woman – and only the third woman overall – to be exonerated by the state of Tennessee after they finally acknowledged that she had been wrongly convicted.
Shes been fighting for and maintaining her innocence for 35 years and even had to enlist as a sex offender after being released on parole.
I know she’s so happy and probably so upset at the same time.
Glad her name got cleared.

Over 2,500 Homes & Businesses Without Power, BGE Says

The New Year and this January has been a snowy one so far and after another winter storm there are a lot of Baltimore residents without power.
This morning BGE’s outage map shows that most of the residents affected are from Baltimore City, a total of 181 active outages affecting 2,643 customers.
BGE’s website says crews are working on fixing the issue and they are actively responding to power outages due to snow and high winds.
If you are experiencing any problems to your service you are asked to report issues to BGE at 877-778-222 or by texting OUT to MYBGE (69243).
Hopefully you are not having any issues.
Source: WJZ
and that is whats happening today inside the Buzz…