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Baltimore Police Officer Robert F. Cherry, outspoken former union president, loses personal

gun after leaving it in restaurant bathroom

So this happened.
A Baltimore Police Officer has reported that his gun is missing. How could something like this happen you might ask… well the  reports says the officer who is currently suspended without pay, was in a restaurant in Mt. Vernon and went to the restroom took out his “off duty firearm” and then “safely secured it before using the bathroom stall.” Well when he was finished he left the stall and also left the gun.
The report says when he did realize, he called the restaurant and spoke with the head of security. But was told they were unable to find the gun. That’s when the officer called and reported the lost gun.

Amazon suspends Black Lives Matter from its charity platform

Black Lives Matter has been catching some heat recently and now its back in the headlines as Amazon has removed them from their charity platform for non compliance.
Its looks like they have been unable to disclose what they have done with tens of millions in donations.
an Amazon spokesperson told The Post, AmazonSmile, which gives a portion of eligible purchases on the online shopping site to charities, said it “had to temporarily suspend” the group. States have rules for nonprofits, and organizations participating in AmazonSmile need to meet those rules,” “Unfortunately this organization fell out of compliance with the rules in several states, so we’ve had to temporarily suspend them from the program until they come into compliance. Amazon plans to hold any funds that have accumulated for BLMGNF – Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation “until they’re back in compliance,”
Source: NYPost

Lizzo Shares Trailer for Upcoming Competition Series ‘Watch Out for the Big Grrrls’

Now speaking of Amazon, Lizzo is teaming up with them and prime video for a new show called Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls. The show is the first ever produced by Lizzo and will be a competition series as she searches for the next stars for for her BigGirls Dance team and get the opportunity to join her on tour.
And Lizzo seems very pumped about the show she tweeted :
I BEEN WAITING FOR THIS ONE… 🗣TURN IT UP—This is the greatest moment of my career yet. 😭😭😭😭 Yall ready to laugh, cry, twerk, repeat?! WATCH OUT FOR THE BIG GRRRLS DROPS 3/25 ONLY ON @PrimeVideo
and in the trailer these big girls are getting busy.
Be on the lookout for that next month.
Source: Complex
…and that is whats happening today inside the Buzz.