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Beyoncé in Talks to Perform on Oscars Telecast From Compton Tennis Courts

We know the Queen bey is an iconic superstar and we might be seeing a very special performance from her at the upcoming Oscars.  Sources told Variety that the organizers are trying to pull out all stops to make this performance happen.
They are trying to get Bey to perform from a tennis court in Compton for her song “Be Alive” from the King Richard Soundtrack.  Now that tennis court is the site of where Venus and Serena Williams played and trained with their Father for many years while growing up.  Those courts the the Lueders Park courts was officially rebranded  in 2016 as the Venus and Serena Williams Court of Champion.

We’ll see if they can pull all of this together in time as the 2022 Academy Awards will air this Sunday, March 27, on ABC.
Source: Variety

D.C. sues Grubhub for allegedly using deceptive trade practices

Have you used any of those food delivery services before?  have you had any issues or problems with hiked up prices? Did it make you feel like you were lied to?
Well that is exactly how the District of Columbia feels about one of those particular food delivery companies, Grubhub. So much  that D.C. filed a lawsuit against them claiming “deceptive trade practices,” such as excessive fees, out-of-date restaurant prices and false advertising.
In the complaint D.C.’s Attorney General said that Grubhub often misrepresents what’s offered on the app and website. Adding that Grubhub lists more than 1,000 “partner restaurants” available for delivery in D.C. that had no contracts with Grubhub, and that the restaurants to the platform’s directory without the owners’ consent.
In response, Grubhub  looks to fight the lawsuit as their officials rejected the charges, adding that it complies with the district’s laws. The company  also said some of the practices cited by the lawsuit have been discontinued.
We’ll see how this turns out. Could be more lawsuits coming.
Source: NPR

Nick Mosby Introduces Bills To Battle Baltimore’s Vacant House Problem

Well back in town, vacant and abandoned homes are a big issue for our City. City officials have reported recent numbers at almost 15,000 vacant homes across the city.
Well some help could be on the way.
There were three new bills proposed by Nick Mosby, City Council president, that will address emergency response fees, registration fees and penalties, and complaint fines. All in hopes to get the owners of these properties to do something about it.
Mosby said in a statement “We understand and know that vacant properties pose a serious threat to residents’ public health and safety, addressing vacant properties in this city we love will require a multi-tiered approach, starting with holding vacant property owners accountable.”
I’m glad the issue is getting attention and solutions are being discussed.
Source: CBS
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