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No charges will be filed in fatal police shooting of Amir Locke, killed during no-knock

warrant service

There is an update in the Amir Locke situation.  You might remember Amir the  22 year old young man who was fatally shot by police in his home during the service of a no knock warrant. Well it looks like as of right now there will be no charges filed against the officers involved.
According to a statement from the county attorney and state attorney general “After a thorough review of all available evidence … there is insufficient admissible evidence to file criminal charges in this case,” At the time Locke was shot, he was in legal possession of the firearm, inside the apartment, according to prosecutors, but they said that wasn’t relevant to the investigation. According to the statement from prosecutors, Locke’s actions after officers entered the apartment “on a judicially authorized search warrant” constituted a “specifically articulable threat.”

A statement from the Minneapolis Mayor‘s office said a new policy would prohibit officers from executing no-knock warrants in most cases. And will prohibit the MPD from requesting no-knock search warrants and from responding to requests of similar searches from other jurisdictions.
Source: WBAL


2 men arrested with ‘enough fentanyl to kill 4.7 million people’: OCDA

On the west coast police arrested two men and seized what they are saying is the biggest drug bust they’ve had in 16 years in Orange County. Police recovered about 821 pounds of methamphetamine, 190 pounds of cocaine and 21 pounds of fentanyl pills from a minivan. That amount fentanyl authorities said is enough to kill 4.7 million people.”
Two men were were arrested and have been charged with one felony count of possession of sale of a controlled substance, three felony counts of sale or transportation for sale of a controlled substance, and two felony counts of possession of sale of a controlled substance.
They both have pleaded not guilty to the charges and are currently in custody on $5 million dollar bail.
Source: KTLA

Applications For Baltimore’s Guaranteed Income Pilot Program Open Next Month

Some help for low income residents in Baltimore is on the way. The guaranteed income program in Baltimore will begin next month according to mayor Brandon Scott. During his state of the city speech he disclosed that the application for Baltimore’s program will go live May 2. The non profit organization Cash Campaign of Maryland has been chosen to assist in administering the program.
mayor Scott said “We all know that Baltimore is the birthplace of redlining,”  “That legacy shows up in the stark inequalities of our city still present today. Research shows that guaranteed income projects have resulted in lower poverty, higher earnings and savings. Guaranteed income has proven to be a key tool in improving economic mobility and advancing racial and gender equity. This is an investment in the future of our city and our young families by providing direct support so they can thrive.”
More details on the program have not been disclosed but to find out more about the program  visit the organization’s website.  To find out when applications go live on May 2, sign up for the CASH Campaign of Maryland’s email list.
Source: WJZ
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