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New York Lt. Gov. Benjamin resigns following arrest in bribery scheme

So the Lt governor job in NY is a tough one to hold. Last year Andrew Cuomo resigned from that position after being accused of sexual misconduct and well now the man who replaced, Brian Benjamin,  just resigned as well, after being indicted on bribery and fraud charges tied to an illegal campaign finance scheme.

According to the 23-page indictment, he is facing counts of bribery, honest services wire fraud and falsification of records.
A FBI’s assistant director said in a statement “Exploiting one’s official authority by allocating state funds as part of a bribe to procure donations to a political campaign and engaging in activity to cover up the bribe is illegal,” and went on to say “As we allege today, Benjamin’s conduct in this scheme directly circumvents those procedures put in place to keep our systems fair.”
We’ll see what happens with the next person to fill that role.
Source: Yahoo

Maryland seeks solutions for ship stuck in Chesapeake Bay

have you hear d about this ship that is stuck in the Chesapeake bay. This ship is huge at  almost 1,096 feet long and nearly 158 feet wide, and is said to be the biggest ship ever stuck in the bay.
The U.S. Coast Guard, the Port of Baltimore and the Department of the Environment, have been trying to figure out how to free this huge container ship which according to the Board of Public Works has been stuck since march 13 when it left Baltimore and became lodged.
A Maryland senior scientist for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation said “The ship is 42 feet deep and it’s in 24 feet of water. So, that means about 20 feet of it is buried in the mud.” which I’m assuming is making it very difficult to get the ship free.
And with all rescue attempts so far coming up unsuccessful,  the Coast Guard decided the next thing to do is to lighten the weight of the boat. The goal is to remove  550 cargo containers off the ship, and even that has proven to be a task in itself.
The comptroller of Maryland says he is concerned of the salvage efforts because “Each day that goes by increases the potential for a hull breach, which can result in ecological, reputational and economic risks to Maryland.”
Source: WBAL / Maritime

Exclusive new video appears to show suspect Frank James allegedly on his way to Brooklyn

subway shooting

News broke yesterday of the mass shooting in a subway station in New York where investigators say 10 people were shot, but at least 23 were hurt in the chaos ,and it could’ve been worse they said if his gun didn’t jam.
So the early reports in regards to the shooter was that the suspect was still at large and there was only one person of interest identified. Well that same person of interest is now officially a suspect and  the manhunt is on for Frank Robert James, a 62 year old black man who has has addresses in Wisconsin as well as Philadelphia.
The NYPD has also just released new images of James – and have offered a $50,000 reward in the case.
The FBi has launched a dedicated website where people can submit and share images, videos and other information.
News just came about the gun used in the shooting as investigators traced it back to a sale by James to a pawn shop back in Columbus, Ohio in 2011.
Source: CBS
and as more information becomes available we’ll keep you posted …
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