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Patrick Lyoya’s father says his son was “killed like an animal” in fatal police shooting

The story is being discussed and people have gathered and are marching and protesting across the country as another video shows the fatal police shooting of 26 year old Patrick Lyoya. At a press conference yesterday his father spoke and said his son was “killed like an animal”  and that “The one [who] was supposed to be protecting Patrick’s life, is the one [who] killed Patrick and take Patrick’s life away.”

The director of oversight and public accountability for the City of Grand Rapids said “We will seek transparency. We will seek truth. Justice requires that this matter be handled fairly and efficiently.”

As for the officer involved in the shooting the Grand Rapids police say they won’t identify him unless he’s named as a suspect.
And this case is really just beginning, there’s much more to come.
Source: CBS

California Woman Killed After Stockton Police Officer Fired 30 Shots Into Her Car

Now there is another story out of California of a police officer fatally shooting another black person. This time it was a 54 year old woman who’s car was shot up by a police officer after
she backed into a police car.
Body cam footage of the incident was released earlier this month and the police department said the incident began when the woman was seen on surveillance striking a police SUV at a red light.
She was pursued by the officer, stopped at a dead end and backed into his car. From this began to when the incident ended the officer fired over 30 shots into this woman’s car.
According to the police the woman was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.
Lawyers for her family say the officer used excessive force and that she never threatened anyone nor was she armed.  He told NBC that the officer acted against the department policies on firing at moving vehicles. “No matter what was going on with her — even if she had committed a heinous crime — he didn’t have the right to shoot her. She never threatened him.”
Investigation is underway to determine if criminal charges will be placed on the officer involved.
Source: The Root

Driver claims computer on his Tesla froze while traveling 83 mph on California freeway

I tell you what I am a big tech person. I love gadgets and I appreciate how technology has evolved and has made a lot of things more convenient for us. But some of these new technological advances can be a little scary.
Especially when you hear stories like this man who said, while he was driving a Tesla Model 3, the vehicle’s computer froze while he was going 83 mph. He told ABC7 Los Angeles the vehicle’s buttons and switches, including turn signals and hazard lights, were not working and the accelerator was not responding.
Luckily for him the brakes were still working and he was able to make it off the road.
Now he said he did take the car to Tesla where the diagnosis the problem as “poor communication from charge port door causing power conversion system to shut off in order to protect on board components.
But do you have more trust in humans or machines built by humans?
Source: USA Today
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