Patrick Lyoya’s father says his son was “killed like an animal” in fatal police shooting The story is being discussed and people have gathered and are marching and protesting across the country as another video shows the fatal police shooting of 26 year old Patrick Lyoya. At a press conference yesterday his father spoke and […]

There have been many areas of continued unrest sparking from police violence against African American individuals. One of those areas is Louisville Kentucky where the tragic incident took the life of Breonna Taylor. There has been protests and demonstrations now in the city for over 100 days and still no arrests have been made in […]

Check out these celebrities who have decided to step out on the frontlines of the recent protests.

Hundreds of people gathered in Anaheim on Wednesday night to protest a fight between a teenage boy and an off-duty LAPD officer, who fired his weapon toward the crowd.

From DC to London to Cape Town to Chicago, protesters took to the streets to speak out against President Trump and stand up for women's, civil and human rights.

Anger, frustration and fear took over many Americans after Donald Trump's shocking presidential victory.

49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is receiving death threats over his national anthem protests. Colin Kaepernick says he has received the threats through a “couple different avenues.” He added that “if something like that were to happen, you’ve proved my point.” Kaepernick has sat or taken a knee during the national anthem since the preseason for […]

Ryan Lochte got the surprise of his life last night on Dancing with the Stars.

Two incidents on opposite sides of the world show the outright hostility that some Black women face regarding their hair.