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BLM paid co-founder’s baby daddy nearly 5 times more than Trayvon Martin foundation

The BLM Global Foundation has been under the microscope recently for the way donations have been spent. Now there is more information coming out after an IRS filing showed some interesting facts about the organizations finances.

The filings showed:
  • Co-founder Patrice Cullors paid a company owned by Damon Turner, the father of her child, nearly $970,000 to help ‘produce live events’ and provide other ‘creative services.’
  • Her brother Paul Cullors, got more than $840,000 for providing security services.

  • A BLM board secretary and former executive director got $2.1 million for operational support, including staffing, fundraising and other key services.
Also keep in mind that the Trayvon Martin Foundation has received $200,000.
Man, does that fall under conflict of interests or all in the family.
Source: NY Post

Kaepernick to receive honorary degree from HBCU Morgan State University

Well Big shout to Colin Kaepernick former NFL player is getting a degree, from Morgan State University.
The school’s President David Wilson announced that Colin along with two Morgan alums, film maker David Talbert, who wrote that amazing movie jingle jangle, as well as the advocate David Burton will receive degrees honoring vanguards of social justice and the African American experience.
In a statement, President Wilson said that “we have assembled a trio of diverse voices who have bravely stood—and kneeled—for the betterment and advancement of the voiceless, the marginalized and the disenfranchised.”
He also said “We are absolutely thrilled to bestow honorary degrees to David E. Talbert, David Burton and Colin Kaepernick for their individual, and collective, contributions to the progression of the Black narrative and pursuit of excellence,”
Morgan State University’s spring commencement ceremony will be held on May 21.
Source: The Hill

Two Maryland Cities Named Best Places To Live In 2022-23 By US News

Well keeping it in town, there is a new list that came out naming the best places to live in 2022-23.
Do you think we’re on it?
Well it might surprise you that two cities in the state did make the list of 150 best places to live in America.
They came up with the list by analyzing quality of life, job market, value of living and people’s desire to live there.
First, Baltimore is on the list coming in at number 84 and then the other city was Salisbury which was ranked at number 115th.
Now according to USN, Baltimore received an overall score of 6.1 out of 10.
They said the city’s charm was captured with its small-town feel and “elegant architecture, friendly people and lively pockets of nightlife and music. They also said it has “a restaurant scene that goes beyond the city’s famous crab cakes, pit beef and Berger cookies.”
Yes lets keep putting that Charm in Charm City and lets keep building and getting better.
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