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D.L. Hughley Responds to Mo’Nique’s Contract Dispute Claim: ‘At

Some Point It Can’t Be Everyone Else, It’s You’

Now here is a case of she said he said, then she said, I’m talking about the situation with Monique and DL Hughley who had some comments for each other after performing together at a show in Detroit. It seems that there was some confusion as to who was suppose to be the headliner. Monique says her contract says she was the headliner and she went on stage and let the crowd know how upset she was about DL Hughley not wanting to come on before her. She went on to call him all kinds of names coon and a lot more.

So Dl of course responded saying look at the ticket stub which had his name first, meaning that he was the headliner. He also said to Monique that you had a problem with Oprah, Tyler Perry, Charlamagne, Lee Daniels,  Steve Harvey  &  Netflix, now its my turn. He said at some point it cant be everyone else, Its You. Lesson Learned.

Of course Monique responded on her IG saying, The fact that you point people to the ticket stubs versus your contract, implies that you don’t have a contract that shows you are the headliner, like I do. Either show your contract or be quiet.
We’ll see if they can work this out  between the two of them.
Source: Complex

Baltimore featured in new book on history of Black nuns in America

So Baltimore is getting another opportunity to be featured. This time its in a book on the history of Black Nuns in America.
author Dr. Shannen Dee Williams wrote a book that chronicles the history of Black Catholic nuns in the United States. A history she writes that is a largely unknown part of the African-American freedom struggle.
she told WTOP one of the reasons that she is writing the book now is  “To tell Black sisters’ stories is to confront the reality that women’s religious life in the Roman Catholic Church was a stronghold of white supremacy and racial segregation,”
In the book she mentions the contributions of an order of Black nuns founded in Baltimore in 1829 called the Oblate Sisters of Providence, and the lead role they played in desegregation.
She said “So the Oblates Sisters of Providence were born of a need, and in response to racism in the Baltimore Catholic Church,” she added that the women who found this community “then really launched the tradition of Black women religious in the Roman Catholic Church in the modern era.”
Baltimore again playing a major role in the history of this country.
Source: WTOP

Baltimore pools reopening for the summer, some newly renovated

It is not summer yet, that won’t happen officially until June 21st, but we are getting ready for it and you know its not far way once you hit Memorial Day weekend. Another sign you know summer is comings is when they announce they are opening up some of the city pools.
Like Druid Hill Park’s pool which got a makeover and some renovations, plus some new additions and is set to open on June 11th.
Some other pools have reopened as well like Patterson, Roosevelt, Clifton and Riverside parks. These pools will be open today and moving forward will only open on weekends through June 15. Now Beginning June 16th they will be open seven days a week. As for the remaining neighborhood pools they will be fully opened as well.
Get ready for some summer fun.
Source: WBAL
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