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‘Shrinkflation’ Is Real, Packages Getting Smaller As Prices Stay The Same

Ok, so you have heard of inflation, we know what that’s all about. But have you heard of shrinkflation, well it’s a thing and its happening right in front ofour eyes.
Shrinkflation is when companies reduce the packaging size of their items and keep them the same price, instead of shocking consumers with a price increase.

Right here in the U.S. small box of Kleenex now has 60 tissues; it use to have 65. Chobani Flips yogurts went from 5.3 ounces to 4.5 ounces. And shrinkflation is happening across the globe In the U.K., Nestle Nescafe Azera Americano coffee went from from 100 grams to 90 grams. In India, a bar of Vim dish soap went from 155 grams to 135 grams.
And it doesn’t stop there items like Cottonelle Ultra Clean Care toilet paper, went from 340 sheets per roll to 312. Even coffee, a Folgers 51-ounce container is now 43.5, but still says it makes the same amount of cups of coffee.
One consumer advocate said companies can also employ tricks to draw attention away from downsizing, like marking smaller packages with bright new labels that draw shoppers’ eyes.
Shrinkflation, ladies and gentleman
Source: The Grio

More abused gymnasts are suing the FBI over its handling of Nassar

Well shrinkflation might get you upset enough to sue someone. But you know who is getting sued, The FBI, for $1 billion.
Remember the horrible story that came out about the US gymnastic team doctor, Larry Nassar sexually, abusing members from his gymnastics team, including Simone Biles.
Well those women came together to tell their story in a court of law and more are coming together again. This time, attorneys for more than 90 people  submitted claims suing for over $1 billion to the FBI, saying investigators could have stopped all this and protected other victims due to their failure to investigate gymnastics him for over a year after molestation allegations were presented.
Attorneys for the victims said in a statement, “The FBI was grossly derelict in their duties by declining to interview gymnasts who were willing to talk about the abuse, failing to transfer the complaint to Lansing Michigan where Nassar was continuing to abuse girls, ignoring its obligation to report child abuse to relevant state and federal agencies and lying to Congress, the media and FBI headquarters about their lack of diligence in investigating the Nassar complaint,”
The sum of all the women suing would land in the range of $1 billion to $1.2 billion.
Source: CNN

Dad, son, and daughter graduate together, earn master’s degrees in education

Well in some uplifting news. This story is all about a family doing it together and doing it big. How about a Father graduated at the same time as his son and daughter from college with a Masters degree in Education from a branch of Mississippi State University.
The three were all present at the university’s spring commencement and walked together in the ceremony.
The daughter told WTOK-TV. “This is a big accomplishment for our family,”  “Just to keep driving and keep going forward and to lead by example and to show my younger siblings and the rest of my family that we can do it. We started strong, and we finish strong.”
And I love it…. this its what the LionSquad is about… becoming stronger together… its amazing what we can achieve by working together and helping each other out.
and that is what’s happening inside The Buzz