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DOJ: 7,600 fake nursing diplomas issued in scheme, 25 people arrested

First up is a story of big time fraud and public safety.
Big enough for the Department of Justice to be investigating the matter.
The DOJ filed federal charges against 25 people who are accused of participating in a scheme that allegedly issued 7,600 fake nursing diplomas by three Florida-based schools.
They said the suspects “engaged in a scheme to sell fraudulent nursing degree diplomas and transcripts obtained from accredited Florida-based nursing schools to individuals seeking licenses and jobs as registered nurses and licensed practical/vocational nurses.”
The scheme made lots of money too. Since 2016 they issued more than 7,600 fake diplomas at $15,000 each, netting over $114 million.
Federal authorities reported that of the 7,600 people only 37 percent passed the exam.
Now they are trying to track down those nurses.

Prosecutors say each defendant was charged with conspiring to and committing wire fraud and face up to 20 years of prison.

Ohio’s education department is investigating a White supremacist homeschooling network that shares Nazi-related resources

Next, lets keep it in the education lane.
In Ohio, the Department of Education is also doing an investigation.
According to a state education official they are looking into an online homeschooling network with more than 3,000 subscribers of parents sharing messages of White supremacy as educational resources.
But here is the thing.
There is not much the state can do about it because using and sharing such curriculum does not violate state law.  And under Ohio law, the state’s Department of Education does not review or approve home school curriculum.
In regards to MLK Jr Day in January, a user with the screen name “Mrs. Saxon” posted in the channel, “It is up to us to ensure our children know him for the deceitful, dishonest, riot-inciting negro he actually was.”
Hate is still being promoted.
Be careful, be aware.
Source: CNN

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Reveals 2023 Nominees

Some big announcements broke recently.
For example Will Smith and Martin Lawrence announced thy will be doing bad Boys 4. So look out for that.
Beyoncé announced she will be kicking of the Renaissance tour in may.
But there was also a big announcement for some other artists.
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame named the nominees for 2023.
This year’s list includes names like the brilliant Missy Elliot, who becomes the first female rapper to receive the honor. Also included are the classic r&b soul group The spinners, & hip hop legends A Tribe Called Quest.
Some other names you may know: Pop stars Cyndi Lauper, George Michael and country western star Willie Nelson will be honored as well.
Congratulations to all of them.
Source: Billboard