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Did This Sportscaster Really Use the N-Word While Referring to the Negro League Baseball Museum?

This sportscaster had a day to forget after he making a statement he wish he hadn’t.
During a Major League Baseball live pregame broadcast between Oakland and Kansas City, this announcer started talking about what he and his co-host did in Kansas City for some fun.
And they must’ve really had a lot of fun.
He said live on air, “We had a phenomenal day today. Nigger League Museum and Arthur Bryant’s BBQ.”
Dropping the N word while referring to the historic Negro League Museum.
When the broadcast returned after a commercial break, he apologized.
Saying, “I said something that didn’t come out quite the way I wanted it to. I just wanted to apologize if it sounded different than I meant it to be said. I just wanted to apologize for that.”

The A’s organization also thought it was unacceptable. They Tweeted, “The Oakland Athletics do not condone such language. We are working to address the situation.”
According to an NBC Sports California spokesperson, this broadcaster “has been suspended and will remain off the air until a review of Friday’s incident is completed.”
Well tell me how you really feel. Wow.
Source: The Root

Woman survives five days stuck in Australian woods with bottle of wine: ‘I was about to give up’

Speaking of feel.
This woman was about to give up on living after being stranded in the woods for five days in Australia.
Authorities said she was on a short trip when she took a wrong turn and ended up at a dead end with her car stuck in the mud. She was 37 miles away from the nearest town.
For those 5 days she made it with no food, water, or a phone signal. Instead this woman survived on what she had, a gifted bottle of wine, a juice box, lollipops and a blanket.
Even though the car was stuck, she was also able to use the heater to stay warm overnight.
After a few days, she claimed, her body started to shut down, and she started to believe she wouldn’t make it. On the fourth day, she wrote a heartfelt letter to her family telling them she loved them.
The next day she was found by police.
Glad she was recued.
So, what’s in your survival kit?

Source: USA Today

Company Says It’ll Pay Someone $1,000 to Watch Every ‘Fast & Furious’ Movie While Taking Notes on Car Damage

Side hustle or a part time gig, you can make money watching movies.
How about $100 per movie?
That’s the breakdown for the role of the Fast and Furious claims adjuster.
Your job would be to watch the entire Fast movie franchise including this month’s upcoming Fast X release.
You will also be required to keep track of any incidents of vehicle damagehighlighting details like the makes and models of the cars involved and the overall number of such occurrences in each individual movie.
The gig comes with a $100 bonus to cover rental and ticket fees, as well as any snacks they may require
FinanceBuzz the company fitting the bill for the job says they use the data to put together some insurance stats on the “reckless driving” often depicted.
So where do I sign up?
Source: Complex