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Baltimore City Is Trash Talking And Doing Something About It.

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Baltimore City using cameras to crack down on illegal dumping


Back in town.

Baltimore is trash talking, or should I say they are talking about doing something about the trash in the city.

City officials are stepping up their efforts to fight illegal dumping.

Tired of trash in their streets and environment, the city has deployed a potent weapon: hidden cameras at dumping hotspots.

The results are already proving to be effective. Since August, the extra eyes have led to nearly 25 convictions for illegal dumping.

Councilman Antonio Glover, a champion of the initiative, is already seeking state grants to expand the camera network. He says,

it’s more than just aesthetics. “Dumping is a health hazard, an eyesore, and it costs taxpayers money,” he emphasizes. He envisions a Baltimore where “everyone feels safe and clean” in trash-free neighborhoods.
Its a shame you have to punish people to take pride in their communities. But if this helps to keep trash off the streets in some spots, I’m all for it.
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Source:: WBAL