Artist Profiles

Nori Nori speaks with Mr. Dalvin from the iconic group Jodeci! He’s releasing new music, new visuals and he has a new label.Mr. Dalvin recently released a new single titled “And I,” and the visual for the single will be released very soon. “And I” Mr. Dalvin DeGrate, is a singer, songwriter, producer, musician and […]

R&B princess Kissie Lee along with rapper LightSkin Keisha unbridled their dominatrix association ‘Sheesh’ March 2021. Mr. Hanky the super-producer who has produced songs for renowned artists like Lil Wayne, Travis Porter, and OT Genius, is behind the production of this rocking music ‘Sheesh’. The voluptuous vocals of Kissie along with the magic of Keisha’s words will […]

Platinum selling R&B singer/producer/actor Adrian Marcel made his tour stop in the #DMV and Magic 95.9’s own late night personality Nori Nori had the chance to chop it up with him. Adrian Marcel shared his experience being in the music industry, being on tour after two years for his 98TH Tour, his budding acting career […]

Welp, I guess Chuck D plans on fighting the power all by his lonesome because he has shown founding member Flava Flav the door! Let me give you some background as to what had happened was….Chuck D endorsed Bernie Sanders and had scheduled a live performance this past Sunday in Los Angeles. Flava in turn […]