THE BUZZ! Indonesia bans sex outside marriage as parliament passes sweeping new criminal code Planning a trip out of the country. Might want to reconsider going to a place like Bali in Indonesia. That’s because lawmakers in the country just unanimously passed a new criminal code that criminalizes sex outside marriage. The new code doesn’t just apply […]

Ben & Jerry’s is still invited to the cookout, perpetually. The ice cream brand went the extra mile in releasing a statement that explicitly blast white supremacy, and was swiftly applauded for the message. In a statement the brand shared on its website yesterday evening (June 2), Ben & Jerry’s described the murder of […]

Ben & Jerry’s is displaying an admirable amount of corporate responsibility.  They released a statement supporting the #blacklivesmatter movement and have created and new ice cream flavors with a touch of black pride in a show of solidarity.  Ben & Jerry’s had the help in naming their new ice cream flavors.  People around the world chimed […]