The head of the famous Jackson household has passed away. 

Ensa Cosby's cause of death is currently unknown.

Legendary soul singer Cuba Gooding Sr. has died at the age of 72. According to TMZ, the father to Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr. was found dead in his car on Thursday in San Fernando Valley. Sources say the singer was slumped over in his silver Jaguar, parked on Ventura Blvd in Woodland Hills, California. The fire department […]

What better way to honor the late, great Charlie Murphy than with a funny memory?

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RIP Charlie Murphy.

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Our condolences go out to Robin Thicke whose father and actor, Alan Thicke, died today (December 13) from a heart attack.

Facebook is apologizing to its users for what it calls a “terrible error” which caused user’s profile to show they died Friday. Facebook officials say a bug, on Facebook led to messages being mistakenly posted to other accounts for a short period of time. The message even affected CEO Mark Zuckerburg. The message read “Remembering […]

Spike Lee confirmed the death of Bill Nunn aka Radio Raheem on his Instagram page.

We are so sad to report the death of rapper Shawty Lo at the age of 40.