Biden administration secures 20 million courses of Covid-19 antiviral pill So over the past couple years its been a concentrated effort to have people vaxxed especially with this virus mutating and developing new strands and its been predominantly all about getting the shot. But there is another way, there’s a covid-19 antiviral pill you can […]

Law enforcement ramps up security efforts ahead of 1-year anniversary of Capitol attack As we approach the one year anniversary of what is known as the insurrection at the capital on January 6th of last year. Law enforcement and federal authorities in the Washington area are beefing up security in anticipation of any possible threats […]

Anthony Hamilton, has given many fans a lot of great songs and numerous great experiences with live shows and performances as a singer, producer, song writer, and author. Now he’s also giving back to the people in the neighborhood where he came from in Charlotte, North Carolina. He said “Being in this community and taking […]

While many of us are well aware that eating healthy is the right thing to do, the price tag (or our perception of the price…