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Law enforcement ramps up security efforts ahead of 1-year anniversary of Capitol attack

As we approach the one year anniversary of what is known as the insurrection at the capital on January 6th of last year. Law enforcement and federal authorities in the Washington area are beefing up security in anticipation of any possible threats of domestic terrorism.

According to a federal law enforcement official the Department of Homeland Security is coordinating with the FBI, the Metropolitan Police Department, US Park Police and Capitol Police to ensure that adequate personnel and physical security measures are in place. The US Secret Service and Federal Protective Service also have deployment plans if needed.
Homeland Security Secretary told reporters “The threat of domestic violent extremists is a very great one.”

The US Capitol Police Chief  meanwhile is very confident that the department would be capable of fending off another mob-like attack saying the “United States Capitol Police as an organization is stronger and better prepared to carry out its mission today than it was before January 6th of last year.”
Hopefully no one is crazy enough to try something this year.
Source: CNN

Walmart expands its direct-to-fridge InHome delivery service to 30 million homes

Law enforcement is not the only one beefing up stuff. Walmart is planning on expanding its In Home delivery service from six million to 30 million households by the end of the year.
We definitely live in a world of convenience and Walmart is set to help  make things  a lot easier for their customers get products delivered right from the store straight to your refrigerator, or in your home, literally.
So the In Home service works like this. you place your order and then a Walmart employee will deliver what you ordered directly to your home, inside your home, even when the you’re not there. Now the delivery person will be wearing a camera and you can even watch the delivery live or as a recording on the Walmart App.
They do wear masks, protective coverings over their shoes, and they get access to enter your home through the front door using a smart lock from Walmart. Once inside that delivery person will even place your items inside your refrigerator and or on the counter as requested and before they leave they’ll  wipe down all surfaces with a sanitizing wipe.

Would you be comfortable using that service?
Source: CNBC

KFC’s new menu item tastes like chicken (but isn’t)

Well it is a New Year and the key word is new. not to be outdone KFC is doing something new as well. They are adding a new item to its menu and it’s not chicken, but its suppose to taste like it. KFC is getting in on the plant based craze and is adding a new chicken nugget alternative. beginning January 10th for a limited time get ready for Beyond Fried Chicken. It is the first time a large food chain will be selling the beyond chicken vs the hamburger and sausage alternatives.
KFC US President says, “It’s time” KFC, , said in a press release that Beyond Fried Chicken is “packed with delicious flavor and the juicy satisfaction that you’d expect from KFC’s iconic fried chicken.” The new product is for customers “that want to eat a little less animal-based protein, but that haven’t become vegan or vegetarian.”
KFC getting healthier for the new year.
Source: CNN
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