Scammers are taking advantage of a baby formula shortage, Federal Trade Commission warns This baby formula shortage is getting serious. So serious President Biden invoked the Defense Production act to o speed production of infant formula. He even authorized the Pentagon to use commercial aircrafts to import supplies from other countries. The House passed $28 […]

Law enforcement ramps up security efforts ahead of 1-year anniversary of Capitol attack As we approach the one year anniversary of what is known as the insurrection at the capital on January 6th of last year. Law enforcement and federal authorities in the Washington area are beefing up security in anticipation of any possible threats […]

After social media tried to pick who had the best chicken sandwich, one unlikely fast-food giant is entering the ring to win the crown. Kentucky Fried Chicken is the latest to introduced what they are calling the “best chicken sandwich ever.”  It should be one that will put them over Chick-fil-A and Popeyes. https://twitter.com/kfc/status/1347543579783168002 KFC […]

KFC is thinking about their message to the world during the pandemic.

Okay first off – wow. Secondly, if Popeyes can finally debut a chicken sandwich that will make the whole world go crazy then KFC can remind us that they were one of the first fast-food brands to create something so wild that you have to talk about it. And KFC has done that (again) with a brand […]

Kentucky Fried Chicken has announced the release of a plant-based fried chicken recipe coming to stores!  KFC’s “Beyond Fried Chicken” will be available to customers at a store in Smyrna, Georgia, near Atlanta’s SunTrust Park this week. Get Breaking News & Exclusive Contest in Your Inbox:   Beyond Meat has been a big craze spreading the […]

A Florida KFC employee was recently arrested for a finger-lickin’ fade.

Actor and comedian David Alan Grier set off a frenzy on Thursday when he took to Twitter to announce he would be taking over as Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Col. Sanders. The news of Grier becoming the fast food company’s top pitch man was shot down by a KFC executive, the New York Daily News reports. […]

This is what happens when bad chicken happens to good people. KFC’s Colonel Sanders is getting a makeover in a MAJOR way. The typically white fictional character will now be played by none other than David Alan Grier, the first African-American to take on the role. Grier took to his Twitter to announce the news. […]