THE BUZZ! Exclusive: Transgender Miss Netherlands Winner Speaks Out After Backlash First, Rikkie Valerie Kollé at 22 years old made history by becoming the first transgender woman to win Miss Universe Netherlands. She will now head to El Salvador in December to represent The Netherlands in the international contest, Miss Universe. Kollé has received death […]

 THE BUZZ! California Reparations Payments Could Exceed $200K Per Person, Task Force Says There’s been a lot of talk about this country paying reparations to its African residents. We’re talking about repaying for the discrimination African Americans have to deal with while living in this country for generations. But who would be eligible? How much would […]

Black Man Forced to Cut his Dreadlocks Sues a Kentucky State Prison Remember the crown act, it stands for “Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair,”  and it is a law that prohibits race-based hair discrimination. But I guess in Kentucky state prison, that means nothing, especially when it comes to 50 year […]

Twitter lights up with opposition to the Republicans' proposed replacement to Obamacare.

Paulette Leaphart his finally arrived in Washington D.C. after setting out on a mission to walk from Biloxi, Mississipi, to the Nation’s Capitol to talk about health care reform and raise breast cancer awareness. The breast cancer survivor set foor in D.C. on June 27, just under two months from the day she left home […]

Black patients believe that white doctors don’t care about their personal lives.

According to most analyses, Black patients don’t do as well as White patients when it comes to health measures due to socioeconomic disparities, but researchers…

A new study reveals Black children are getting far less medication than White children upon admission into hospitals.

The 2012 Election is 30 days away, and the incumbent, President Barack Obama, and his wife, the First Lady Michele Obama gracefully cover the November issue of EBONY. In the cover feature, written by MSNBC political analyst Melissa Harris Perry, and in an open letter from The President to “African American Families,” the second term […]

Via: Demonstrators gathered outside of the Supreme Court to consider the new health care law. There were dozens of people chanting and circling the sidewalk, doctors in white coats, even a brass band. As arguments began Monday, more than 100 supporters marched with signs reading, “Protect my health care.” To read more click here