Teacher from Parkville arrested, charged with sexual solicitation of a minor Teachers are one of those jobs where as parents we put a lot of trust in and when you hear stories like this it is a little infuriating. Mark Planamente, a 38 year old social studies teacher from the Sisters Academy of Baltimore in […]

Baltimore reaches 300 homicides as police investigate death of 5-year-old girl Some very sad days in Baltimore yesterday we learned of the murder of a 69 year old woman in a church. Today we find out that Police are investigating the 300th homicide in Baltimore city in 2021 after the death of a 5 year old girl.  […]

 …The Buzz: The Pied piper and Grammy-winning entertainer R Kelly has spent the last two years in federal facilities in Illinois and New York awaiting trial since his arrest in July 2019.  Well opening arguments started today in New York and the trial is expected to last between six and eight weeks.  Assistant U.S. Attorney […]

Vered Stearns, co-director of the breast cancer program at the Kimmel Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins discusses genetics and their role in treating breast cancer patients.

Fariba Asrari, M.D., radiation oncologist and member of the Breast Cancer Clinic at the Kimmel Cancer Center discusses the breast cancer multidisciplinary clinic.

Learn more about the hope clinical trials can bring to cancer patients present and in the future at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center.

Johns Hopkins University has made history with the residency of Nancy Abu-Bonsrah.  The Ghana native is their first black female neurosurgeon.