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1. Hundreds Traveled To Demand Continued Justice For Ahmaud Arbery What You Need To Know: Hundreds of protesters drove to the Brunswick, Georgia area Saturday and rallied with hundreds of others at the Glynn County Courthouse to seek justice in the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery. 2. Do The Right Thing, Joe: Bet On Black… […]

1. GOP Senator Urges Caution As Donald Trump Calls For Subpoena Of President Obama What You Need To Know: What Donald Trump is calling “Obamagate,” refers to his conspiracy theory that the Obama administration was behind the investigation into Russia that included members of the Trump administration, like for National Security advisor, Michael Flynn. 2. […]

1. Donald Trump Lawyers Argue Before The Supreme Court To Keep Tax, Bank Records Sealed What You Need To Know: The long-awaited question over whether Donald Trump can reject subpoenas and keep his tax and financial records sealed was presented by phone to the U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday. 2. Man Killed In Officer-Involved Shooting Identified […]

1. Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money: One Stimulus is Not Enough What You Need To Know: Some Americans are still waiting for the stimulus money agreed upon weeks ago by the federal government. 2. Black Woman Appointed As Prosecutor In Ahmaud Arbery Murder Case As Additional Charges Are Considered What You Need To Know: As the […]

1. Continuing To Call For Justice For Ahmaud Arbery, Jay-Z’s RocNation Pens Open Letter What You Need To Know: The effort to bring justice in the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery, continues to gain momentum. 2. President Obama Calls Out Trump Administration Handling of Coronavirus Crisis in Private Call What You Need To Know: In […]

1. Happy Mother’s Day What You Need To Know: Sunday is Mother’s Day. In this period of sheltering in place and quarantining during the coronavirus pandemic, many aren’t sure what this weekend will look like. This will be unlike any other. 2. What Happened To Sean Reed? Indianapolis Police Fatally Shoot Man After A Chase […]

1. Supreme Court Justices Hear Obamacare Case By Phone, One Working From Her Hospital Bed What You Need To Know: United States Supreme Court Justices wrapped their first week of case arguments by phone. All Justices were presumed to be working from home —with the exception of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 2. Video Released In […]

1. Is Michelle Obama “Becoming” Biden’s VP Nominee? What You Need To Know: Despite her firm “No” to the question of returning to politics, Michelle Obama supporters and fans are moving ahead with a campaign to draft the former First Lady as Joe Biden’s running mate. 2. With Thousands Of Coronavirus Deaths Reported Daily, The Trump White […]

1. New York Social Distancing In Black And White: White Violators Get Warning, Black Violator Gets Arrested What You Need To Know: Disparities, Inequalities, Racism…call it what you will…but they exist during a worldwide pandemic and as shelter-in-place rules are relaxed.  2. He Speaks! A Rare Question From Justice Clarence Thomas As Supreme Court Hears Arguments Via […]

1. Get Ready for MAGA May Day Rallies Across the Country What You Need To Know: Despite the rules laid out by Governor Andrew Cuomo, Donald Trump supporters are joining a nationwide effort preparing for MAGA May Day Rallies Friday in New York.  2. Georgia Family Wants Justice for Black Man Killed While Jogging What You Need […]