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There's nothing quite like a good, solid workout

Maximizing your day to its full potential is the true key to being a boss chick who wins at life. While we arise each day with the hope to run the world like Queen Bey, for most of us, the act of getting ready each morning is a blurry-eyed affair.

But have no fear; HelloBeautiful has compiled seven solid tips to help you conquer the day so you can keep your bankroll and career path on fleek.

Start your day with a glass of water. Drinking water in the morning allows for a healthy flow of oxygen, and helps you to stay alert and energized. Ice cold, room temperature, or hot with lemon — regardless of how you sip it, it’s sure to keep you hydrated and happy.

Spend quality time with family. Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama makes sure to eat breakfast with his family, before sending his two daughters off to school. If the leader of the free world is here for it, we all can be, too!

Music is a must. There is no better way to slay the day than with music that gets your blood flowing. Go ahead and create a morning mix filled with Beyoncé, RiRi, Nicki Minaj, Ciara, and whoever else will put you in a good mood. The point is to get your energy up and your day poppin’.

Eat breakfast. Yes, you’ve heard over and over again how important breakfast is, but many of you continue to skip it. So here is a friendly reminder: Having breakfast will improve your performance throughout the day.

Get motivated. If you have Snapchat and have yet to follow DJ Khaled on the social media app, let’s just say you’re missing out on some “major keys” to life. Khaled may be one of the most entertaining and motivating celebs on social media. He shares all sorts of useful advice to his followers, which often turns out to be just what you need to tackle your day. If you don’t have Snapchat, get on it!

Have coffee. Aside from the much-needed energy boost, black coffee specifically, is packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants are necessary to keep your skin looking flawless. Like many of favorite celebrities, Sofia Vergara is obsessed with black coffee. She confessed to People, “I like it black. I like it strong, I don’t put sugar or anything in it — I really like tasting the flavor of the coffee.” But if black coffee isn’t your thing, then add a dash of milk and sugar and make it to your liking.

Priority scan your inbox. It is oh-so-easy to get sucked into the funny videos that are sitting in your inbox just waiting to be a distraction, trust us we know. However, remember not all emails are created equally, so respond to the urgent ones first. Once you’ve tackled the most important messages, you can respond to the less urgent ones as the day progresses.

And there you have it: Your guide to starting the morning like a true boss. You can thank us later with an afternoon visit to Now go be great, beauties!

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