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Andrew Brown Jr’s Family Gets To See More Video From The Police Shooting That Took His Life.

The Family along with the family’s attorney were able to watch additional body cam and other video footage of the fatal police shooting of Andrew Brown Jr

Chance Lynch, a lawyer who viewed the footage in private with Brown’s family, said Brown was sitting in his stationary car with his hands on the wheel when the first of numerous shots was fired. Family members had previously seen about 20 seconds of the video but were shown approximately 18 minutes on Tuesday under a judge’s order.

The family’s lawyers say the footage contradicts statements by the local district attorney, who said in court that deputies didn’t start firing until after Brown’s vehicle struck them twice. Lynch’s description aligns with what another family attorney said after seeing the shorter clip.

“We did not see any actions on Mr. Brown’s part where he made contact with them or tried to go in their direction,” Lynch told reporters. In fact, he did just the opposite. While there was a group of law enforcement that were in front of him, he went the opposite direction.”

He described the shooting as “unconstitutional” and “unjustifiable.”

I’m sure there is a lot more to come on this case.

Source: BPR


Three U.S. Army Soldiers Charged For Allegedly Supplying Guns Used In Recent Chicago Shootings And Homicides. 

Gun control and the amount of illegal guns in our country is a problem, and then you add in the numerous amount of mass shootings taking place and you can see areal issue in this country and then you hear things like this.

A criminal complaint charged each soldier with transferring a firearm to an out-of-state resident, making false statements during the purchase of a firearm, engaging in the business without a firearms license, wire fraud, money laundering, and conspiracy to commit Title 18 offenses.  

The investigation found that the three purchased 91 firearms between Clarksville and other parts of Kentucky. The majority of those firearms had been purchased over the last five months. The criminal complaint alleged that after the firearms were purchased, they were provided to associates in Chicago.   

On April 28, 2021, a federal search warrant was executed at the home of two of the men in Clarksville, where 49 empty firearms cases were recovered.  Many of those empty cases were matched to firearms recovered by the Chicago Police Department at the scene of recent shootings and homicides.   

Source: NPR

Porsha Williams Is Getting Something New

Well besides trending for one of her recent announcements an engagement. One which she says is happening after on ly 30 days and to one of the ex husband of on e of the co-stars of the hit series The Real Housewives of AStlanta.  Well she also ahs more news to share as she will also be getting a new show.

Porsha Williams is getting her own special on Bravo. A source confirmed to People that the special is a three-part limited series that focuses on her personal life.

“The series was green-lit several months ago and is set to begin production over the summer. The special will focus on Porsha’s life and her family,” a source tells PEOPLE.

New relationship, new engagement, and now a new show. New New New.

Source: People

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