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Virgina Confederate Statue Removed

We have so many confederate representations from statues, sculptures, plaques, and more to glorify that era of American history and recently the commitment to have them removed has been persistent. Now Charlottesville Virginia has taken the next step to recognize the importance of what these statues represent and this weekend removed a bronze statue of Robert E. Lee after its planned removal sparked a deadly riot four years ago at the unite the right rally. 

Also coming down was a nearby statue of Confederate General Stonewall Jackson and then the removal of another statue of the explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark and the Shoshone Indian Sacagawea (SAC-AH_JAH-WAY-YAH) which many said was depicted in a subservient manner.

The three statues will remain “in a secure location” on city property while the council debates what to do with them.

But its Virginia and there are many many more of these types of statues that need to come down..

Source: Esquire


How Much For That Video Game?

Ok so during my era I’ve seen the evolution of video games from Atari to now PS5’s and Xbox;s well some of those classic video games may be worth big bucks. Recently at a video game auction one game the legend of zelda sold for $870,000 which was a record until recently when a 1996 unopened  copy of Super Mario Brothers 64 sold for a whopping $1.56 million.

You might complain about your kids playing video games but sometimes it can payoff and big.

Source: Yahoo



White Teen Fatally Shot By Police Could Be Police Reform Key 

Well it looks like The civil rights leader Al Sharpton  and the high-profile attorney, Ben Crump, are looking at the police shooting of 17-year-old Hunter Brittain “one of the most significant” cases in the fight to push Congress for landmark police reform legislation.

Now this client looks a little different from those they would usually represent. They are taking up their first case involving a White person who was killed after being shot during an encounter with a police officer.

on July 1, Lonoke County Sheriff announced he’d fired the officer responsible because the deputy didn’t “activate his body camera in a timely way” during the traffic stop, in violation of department policy.

As a result, no footage of the shooting exists.

Crump told CNN on Friday that he believes Brittain’s death could push lawmakers to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, which has stalled in the Senate since early March. Hunters death has sparked protests outside the sheriff’s office, as well as a proposal for a so-called “Hunter’s Law” in the state.

Source: CNN

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