THE BUZZ!   Montana governor signs law saying “sex” can only be defined as male or female First. Sex and gender are related but not the same. A new bill signed in state law by the Governor of Montana provides some understanding. The bill defines sex as male and female. A definition that doesn’t sit well with […]

 THE BUZZ! Indonesia bans sex outside marriage as parliament passes sweeping new criminal code Planning a trip out of the country. Might want to reconsider going to a place like Bali in Indonesia. That’s because lawmakers in the country just unanimously passed a new criminal code that criminalizes sex outside marriage. The new code doesn’t just apply […]

Supreme Court draft opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade published by Politico There’s been a huge leak from the highest court in the land that has people upset and protesting. The reason is, they learned that the Supreme Court is possibly considering to reverse Roe vs Wade. Politco published a story of the Supreme […]

Biden signs bill making lynching a federal hate crime into law Big shout to President Joe Biden for making lynching in this country a federal hate crime. It is now an official law after The President has signed the Emmett Till Anti Lynching Bill yesterday at a White House Rose Garden signing ceremony. President Biden […]

Former Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh released from prison In some breaking news today. Our former Mayor Catherine Pugh is being released from federal prison. You might remember Pugh was sentenced on fraud and tax evasion charges for using fraudulent book sales to funnel illegal donations to her campaign and evade taxes in 2020. 11 news […]

In a medical first, a man with terminal heart disease gets a transplant of genetically modified pig heart Baltimore is in the history books again as the location of this first of its kind medical procedure. Surgeons at the University of Maryland have  transplanted a genetically modified pig heart into a human for the very […]

Virgina Confederate Statue Removed We have so many confederate representations from statues, sculptures, plaques, and more to glorify that era of American history and recently the commitment to have them removed has been persistent. Now Charlottesville Virginia has taken the next step to recognize the importance of what these statues represent and this weekend removed a […]

Now when it comes to black lives matter there is a representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, who calls Black Lives Matter banners as “hate America” flags and is looking to make sure they can’t be hung at diplomatic and consular posts. Its ironic as she is also facing removal from committees for her alleged support for conspiracy theories and violence […]

House democrats are proceeding with the necessary steps to remove President Trump from office even though he has less than 10 days remaining in his term. If the impeachment process is completed it would make Donald Trump the first President to be impeached twice in one term and one this close to the end of […]

The new legislation ensures that anyone arrested will receive a speedy trial in hopes to prevent suicides like Kalief Browder's.