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Biden signs bill making lynching a federal hate crime into law

Big shout to President Joe Biden for making lynching in this country a federal hate crime. It is now an official law after The President has signed the Emmett Till Anti Lynching Bill yesterday at a White House Rose Garden signing ceremony.
President Biden spoke on the history of racial violence in this country and said, “Lynching was pure terror to enforce the lie that not everyone … belongs in America, not everyone is created equal. Terror, to systematically undermine hard-fought civil rights. Terror, not just in the dark of the night but in broad daylight. Innocent men, women and children hung by nooses in trees, bodies burned and drowned and castrated.”

“Their crimes? Trying to vote. Trying to go to school. Trying to own a business or preach the gospel. False accusations of murder, arson and robbery. Simply being Black.”
Biden said the new law “isn’t just about the past, “From the bullets in the back of Ahmaud Arbery to countless other acts of violence, countless victims known and unknown, the same racial hatred that drove the mob to hang a noose brought that mob carrying torches out of the fields of Charlottesville just a few years ago — racial hate isn’t an old problem. It’s a persistent problem.”
The Emmett Till Anti lynching Act of 2022
Source: CNN

Bill named in honor of fallen Baltimore police officer amended

Now back in town there is another Bill that is making its way through the legislation process. The ‘Officer Keona Holley Public Safety Act’, created in honor of Keona Holley, a Baltimore police officer who was murdered while on duty is getting a makeover.
The original bill that was proposed was to eliminate the possibility of parole for anyone convicted of killing or attempting to kill a police officer but some didn’t agree with the wording of the bill. For example State Senator Jill Carter who said “I don’t think the right policy for Maryland is to create stand alone offenses for a person based on their profession.” So she introduced an amendment to the bill to no longer focus on punishing a person for their act but instead it will now expands the state’s fund to provide college scholarships to the children of first responders killed in the line of duty.
Talk about a full make over, thats a brand new bill, one that passed the senate with a vote of 26-16
You can read the full language of the bill here.
Source: WMAR

NFL mandates that each team have a person of color as an offensive assistant coach

Well the NFL is doing a makeover themselves, their making  some changes to their diversity policy. They’ve added some new things in place to ensure that the league will have more African American and women in their coaching ranks.
The new mandate requires every team have a minority assistant staffer in a major role. The NFL has even formed an advisory committee that will help boost the number of minority hires
Chairman of the NFL’s diversity, equity and inclusion committee said “We have been listening to people inside and outside the football community in terms of how we can improve,” he continued. “A lot of effort is being made, and, again, [there’s] a recognition that while we’ve seen progress in certain fronts, we still have a way to go on other fronts.”
Source: The Griot
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