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The CDC has a new warning and this is not for another variant of the coronavirus. Instead its a bacteria disease which is very rare to the U.S. According to the agency two people are dead after contracting the disease after they’ve identified a total of four people including children and adults in four states, GeorgiaKansasTexas and Minnesota 

The disease known as The disease, known as melioidosismeh·lee·oy·dow·suhs , also called Whitmore’s disease, which is primarily found in tropical climates such as Southeast Asia and northern Australia, can spread to humans and animals through direct contact with contaminated water and soil, with the agency saying inhalation of dust or water droplets and ingestion of contaminated water or food are thought to be among the methods of transmission.

And we do not need anything else on the virus / disease front to worry about.

Source: US News


Mandatory Vaccinations Are Here…

The coronavirus is still a concern and now the pentagon has decided that it is mandatory for all military members to be vaccinated by mid September.

According to a new memo from Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. The deadline could be pushed up if the Food and Drug Administration gives final approval to the Pfizer vaccine, which is expected early next month. The military will have the next few weeks “preparing for this transition,” Austin said.

Biden, in a statement Monday, commended the new mandate by Austin…Saying, “I am proud that our military women and men will continue to help lead the charge in the fight against this pandemic, as they so often do, by setting the example of keeping their fellow Americans safe,” the president said.

Could mandatory vaccines for everyone be next…

Source: NBC


Black people convicted of crimes received 20 percent longer sentences than similarly situated whites who commit the same offenses according to the U.S. Sentencing Commission Nationwide,

This situation is an example of that kind of disparity. In Ohio an African American women was sentenced to 18 months in prison for embezzling $40,000 from the high school where she worked.

Meanwhile in the same court for the same type of crime a white woman who stole $250,000 over the span of twenty years was given 2 years probation.

Cleveland activists are upset at the disparity in the two sentences and are calling for a large scale reform as the white woman committed more crimes, over a longer period of time. She stole more money than the Black woman. She had 21 more charges and cost taxpayers six times more money. She was facing 60 years in prison while the Black woman’s maximum sentence was three years. Yet the Black woman received more prison time than prosecutors wanted her to spend in jail.

I’m glad more cases like this are being brought to light…its crazy.

Source: The Root

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