THE BUZZ! Children’s Food Recall After Kids Suffer ‘Potential Acute Lead Toxicity’ Lastly, Could I possibly have another food related story. Why yes, I do. This time, due to the possibility of lead poisoning, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is cautioning parents and caregivers not to give their kids any apple cinnamon pouches from various […]

THE BUZZ!   First, The United States experiences about 6.1 million pregnancies each year, and nearly half of them are not planned. The FDA’s recent ok has the potential to impact those numbers. Opill, a birth control tablet that exclusively utilizes the hormone progestin, will soon be accessible for over-the-counter purchase. This marks the first […]

THE BUZZ! The FDA is being asked to look into Logan Paul’s energy drink, which has the caffeine of 6 Coke cans First, Politicians and health professionals are looking into PRIME, an energy drink endorsed by YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul, due to its potentially dangerous amounts of caffeine. Each 12-ounce serving of the […]

THE BUZZ! FDA Makes Regulatory Change That Will Allow Retail Pharmacies to Offer Abortion Pills We have recently witness some things which has affected women’s choice in this country. And it looks like there is some more changes coming. The FDA has a new mandate that will allow retail pharmacies to offer abortion pills. According […]

THE BUZZ! FDA approves most expensive drug in the WORLD: $3.5m therapy treats blood clotting disorder hemophilia B as a one-time IV There is a new most expensive drug on the market. Introducing Hemgenix, a one-off intravenous treatment for hemophilia B. A disorder in which people do not produce a protein needed to create blood […]

FDA Announces Plans for Proposed Rule to Reduce Addictiveness of Cigarettes and Other Combusted Tobacco Products This is for all my smokers out there. There are some potential changes coming soon that could help slow the addiction of cigarettes. Well that is what the FDA is hoping will happen when they change the standard for […]

F.D.A. Authorizes Underwear to Protect Against S.T.I.s During Oral Sex We all know about the purpose of wearing underwear, but now the FDA, for the first time ever has given a certain pair a new job function, to protect against S.T.I.s during oral sex. Introducing Lorals a company that makes latex panties that are authorized […]

Soon your money will be made in Maryland — literally Ok so Maryland is going to be making money, a lot. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing will be moving out of downtown D.C. and relocating to Beltsville , MD. The president and CEO of the PG County Economic Development Corporation said We’ll take great […]

Biden administration secures 20 million courses of Covid-19 antiviral pill So over the past couple years its been a concentrated effort to have people vaxxed especially with this virus mutating and developing new strands and its been predominantly all about getting the shot. But there is another way, there’s a covid-19 antiviral pill you can […]

VENUS & SERENA WILLIAMS’ ESTRANGED SISTER WRITING TELL-ALL ABOUT THEIR FATHER’S ABANDONMENT Now we know when we hear the Williams sisters we probably automatically think about Serena and Venus who are huge names in sports and black culture. But there were more members to the Williams clan as their Father Richard had more children from […]