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Josephine baker was many things besides an international superstar entertainer and performer. She was involved in the civil rights movement I here in the United States and  she was also a resistance fighter for her adopted country France during World War Two. 

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, she renounced her U.S. citizenship and became a French national continued her career, got married and raised her family in France.  Well now France is showing her some big time love and giving her an honor not given to many. The government has made the decision to have her entered into Paris’ Panthéon mausoleum, making her the first black woman to receive the honor.

The Panthéon is a burial place for celebrated French icons and Her induction into the Panthéon recognizes her contribution to the performing arts and her courage in actively resisting Nazi Germany during the war.

Her body will remain buried in Monaco, she will be honored on November 30 with a memorial with a plaque, one of her children, Claude Bouillon-Baker, told AFP news agency.

Source: Ny Times


So the hit show Sex and the city ran for years and has been gone for a few last airing in 2004 ,but now its back. Get ready for the sex in the city reboot and girls are back with some great stories and as people are very familiar with the cast of women there will be one difference…They’re adding some color to the cast. Yes, Ari Nicole Parker will be joining the crew as she replaces the spot left vacant by Kim Cattrell who plays Samantha Jones’. So the story for these ladies continues as they navigate life and friendships as 50-somethings in  a new series coming soon to HBO Max called  Just Like That.

Source: Complex


Speaking of new roles and deals, Will Smith just finalized a deal with national Geographic to produce a new series.

His Westbrook Studios has signed a five-year first-look TV deal for unscripted content  encompassing the development of all unscripted projects in the areas of adventure, exploration, travel and science for all of National Geographic’s television platforms and National Geographic-produced Disney+ Originals.

The series titled Welcome To Earth comes from his famous line in the movie Independence Day and Smith will explore remote places on the earth with expert explorers from deep-sea divers to mountain climbers, climbing into a live volcano to traversing giant waterfalls and going more than 3,000 feet below the sea.

 The show’s synopsis states that its mission is to seek out the things and places beyond human perception: the hidden worlds that we can’t see, smell, hear or feel.

Source: Rolling Out


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